Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of Sale

Frisco Furniture trades in the state of New South Wales and in the Commonwealth of Australia and is bound by the laws relating to the Trade Practices Act and the guidelines and laws of NSW. In Particular this relates to guidelines prescribed by the NSW Department of Fair Trading. In the event that any disputes cannot be resolved by the Company and the customer. Reference should be made to the Department of Fair Trading on their toll free number – 1300135 399

Key Terms & Conditions of Sale:

1.                   Key Points

1.1                 The Sales Order is a documented contract under common law and as such is binding on both parties to the contract. Therefore any variations or alterations to the contract must be agreed by both parties and must be confirmed in writing.

1.2                 Please choose carefully, as the company does not refund if you change your mind.

1.3                 This contract can only be partly or fully cancelled by mutual agreement and a fee of not less than 20% of the total price will apply.

1.4                 The Company will not automatically accept a proposed cancellation of the contract however we may allow a variation to the contract. If a variation to a contract is agreed, a Service Fee of 20% will apply.

1.5                 The goods contracted in this sale are to be supplied as per “The Merchant Sample.” All reference to the quality of the final goods supplied under this contract shall be in regard to the original “Merchant Sample.”

1.6                 Any inquiries, claims or disputes must have copies of this tax invoice and any reference for information about the goods or services must refer to the tax invoice number on the top right hand corner of the invoice.

1.7                 All claims, credits, or refunds shall only be payable to the party named on this contract.

1.8                 Where the company grants letters of authority, they cannot be transferred to other parties.

1.9                 Goods sold as “Floor Stock” are substantially discounted and are sold “AS IS” and are not subject to repair or cleaning. These goods are sold on the basis of no refund or return and floor stock purchased must be collected or delivered within 7 days.

1.10              Lead times are nominated are approximate as the manufacturing of orders is not within Frisco Furniture’s control. For imported items, this lead time may vary up to 8 weeks.

Key Delivery and Terms and Conditions

The standard delivery service allows 15 minutes for delivery to a ground floor location. For deliveries that require other requirements and additional fee may apply.

2.1          Please note that the following service is not included in the standard delivery charge.

i.            Unpacking wrapped furniture (this includes timber, cardboard, bubble wrap, fiber backs and plastic)

ii.            Removal of packing materials and crating

iii.            Exact in home location, including leveling, adjusting or cleaning of any furniture.

2.2              Goods will only be delivered subject to payment by the agreed terms, of the outstanding balance or agreed progress payment         for part deliveries. Please note that payment by personal or business cheques at the time of delivery is not accepted.

2.3             We will deliver into the house or unit provided it is within 30 meters of the nearest available parking point. We will not normally deliver goods through another person’s property or over balconies.

2.4             We will deliver to units on higher floors as long as the goods can be transported in a suitable lift.

2.5              Customers are totally responsible for ensuring that ordered goods can be properly received into the required delivery location and that they will fit through all openings for the goods to be delivered.

2.6              Where the company confirms a delivery and the customer fails to be available or cannot accept the goods because of inadequate access or fails to pay according to the agreed terms of payment, a second charge will apply for a second delivery of the order. The minimum charge then is $80.

Frisco Furniture delivery service does not include the movement of other furniture.

Please note that some delivery locations have special requirement and the company requests that these conditions are nominated prior to delivery. They include:

·          More than two flights of stairs

·          High rise buildings with small lifts

·          Long distance from the truck “lift off” point

·          Stairs too narrow to move normal furniture

·          Unusual delivery, like ship or barge

·          Delivery where cranes or block and tackle are required (eg. Delivery over a balcony)

·          Special times for “clearway” requirements

Narrow or steep drives or “battle axes blocks”Where customers are renovating driveways or paths, and if the weather is wet, then protective to the walk areas inside the house must be provided. (Please note the delivery people are not allowed to take off their boots because of “work cover” safety regulation)